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FRP Bypass in Samsung

Hello, recovery mode of your phone includes some security options. Typical options are clear data cache, wipe user data, install update from SD card or few many options. These options may be vary with names or with type of recovery you are using. A custom recovery allows you to enable more options which are unaccessible with stock recovery. The most common purpose for entering in recovery mode is either to install custom rom or wiping data.

Their might be different tricks to enter into recovery mode but we’re going to show the two most common.

How to boot into recovery mode for almost all devices except SAMSUNG

STEP 1] Switch off your device.

STEP 2] Hold volume up key for few seconds.

STEP 3] Hold power key for few second along with volume up key.

STEP 4] Release power key once your phone logo appears on display. Keep on holding volume key.

STEP 5] This will boot your device in recovery.

In case it would not perform any action. Insert USB cable a few seconds before STEP 3. Your USB cable must have to connected with host which supply power to it. This could be Computer, Laptop, Mac, Phone with OTG support, or Tab. Download FRP Bypass APK
The above method also works for all Xiaomi, Redmi and Mi devices. Boot device in recovery mode for SAMSUNG device

Just because samsung is special. We have a special way for doing so.
For Galaxy S2, Tab 2

STEP 1] Power off your device.

STEP 2] Hold down both Volume Up and Power key at same time.

STEP 3] Once samsung logo appear on your device release both keys.

For Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S7 and other popular Samsung devices like On7, J7

STEP 1] Power off your device Download  FRP Bypass APK

STEP 2] Hold down Volume UP, Home key and Power button at the same time.

STEP 3] Wait once your screen flickers and samsung logo appears on display. Release all keys at once it does.

Enter Download Mode in Samsung device

In order to boot into download or odin mode…

STEP 1] Power off your device and let it vibrate,

STEP 2] Press and hold Volume down + Home key + Power button simultaneously.

STEP 3] Release all keys once samsung logo appears.

The second method will also works for few non – samsung devices too. In order to navigate around recovery you need to use volume up and down keys. User power button or home button to select. If you’re using custom recovery like CTR (Carliv Touch Recovery), you can use your touch screen.

To get quick access of this tutorial bookmark this page.


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